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TUSD Update - July 30, 2020

Letter from Aaron Asplund, TUSD Superintendent

Hello TUSD Community,

On the evening of Wednesday, July 22, our Board of Trustees made an official decision regarding how we will begin the 2020-21 school year, which begins on August 25.  After extensive consideration of public and staff input, mandates from the state of California, and public health conditions, the Board unanimously approved the reopening of our schools in Distance Learning format for all grade levels.  They specified that Distance Learning will be in place through at least the first trimester for our elementary schools and through at least the first semester at our middle and high schools.  They also expressed their intent that we eventually transition to the hybrid model (part-time in-person school combined with distance learning) when safe and when possible (as defined by California's mandate for SLO County to be off the state's COVID-19 monitoring list for at least 14 days).  This will be reviewed as the trimester and/or semester milestones approach.

During the upcoming month, we will pour our collective energy into preparing a robust, improved, and enhanced version of Distance Learning.

We recognize that our new, enhanced version of Distance Learning may not be the best option for every family.  As such, Templeton's Alternative Education schools, including Templeton Home School (grades TK-8) and Templeton Independent Study High School (grades 9-12), may be requested for TUSD students (subject to availability) seeking an alternative to Distance Learning.  This matrix, Distance Learning/Alternative Ed, offers parents a side-by-side overview of the upcoming, enhanced Distance Learning program and Home School/TISHS options.  We hope it helps in considering which program best matches your student's and family's needs and interests.  If you decide to request that your student change from their current school within TUSD, you must complete the Request for Home School or Independent Study High School by the end of the day on Monday, August 3 (revised date).  If you have already made an inquiry recently about moving to Alternative Education, we ask that you still complete this form.  

While we all sincerely desire to be back together in-person experiencing all the wonderful aspects of our schools, our challenge now is to embrace the circumstances and opportunities ahead of us.  The District and our school principals will continue to communicate updates as we approach the start of the school year.  May we do so as a united TUSD family!

Aaron Asplund
TUSD Superintendent 

Athletic Return to Practice Plan

The TUSD Board of Trustees approved the THS Return to Practice Athletics Plan on June 25.
When authorization is given by the SLO County Department of Public Health to begin, we will implement this Athletics Plan.

View TUSD COVID-19 Return to Activities Plan

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